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Watch the Elephant Paint

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Asian Elephant

We had just finished buying products from the 'Long Neck' hill tribe people when we serendipitously stopped at this elephant camp and was fortunate to have the camera in hand when the elephants carried their box of paints and brushes to the waiting easels.

The elephants seem pleased with the applause of the audience and of course the bundles of sugarcane and bananas after the paintings are completed.

Your purchase of their art provides much needed financial support for this well managed elephant camp as well as support elephant conservation.

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each piece of original art and the 16”x20” high quality print.

_NGEO_Image.jpg As seen on National Geographic's 'Wild On Tape'

TorinJB commented "I started balling when I saw the Elephant pick up the brush. It is absolutely astonishing how much more intelligent, and talented these creatures are. It is so sad that we see them as so much less advanced than us, when we have these beautiful, loving, and sensitive creatures creating such beautiful art that so many people, including myself, could never come close too creating. Look at that painting, and think of what you see. I see innocense, beauty, tenderness, and love. This is amazing."

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Standard DVD Format of the ORIGINAL Elephant Painting
video as seen on YouTube. This item is also sold as 42878D.


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Watch the Elephant Paint
(Hover over image for a magnified view)
Watch the Elephant Paint
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