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Vogue - Hip and Humble Holidays

If spending a little less on gifts this year is the goal, let's admit that giving green isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Sustainability can be expensive. We know this because if it were a bargain we'd see more of it in our daily lives (one hopes). So why, when my editor gave me the choice between shopping Chinatown cheap or cost-efficient eco/ethical, did I choose the latter? The truth is, and I can tell you now after spending the better part of a month scouring the growing number of eco boutiques in New York City and the even greater number of conscious-living resources online, that green gifts are actually inexpensive. Sure, there are exceptions. But the luxury market hasn't exactly caught eco fever yet, which means that outrageously priced accessories don't really exist. In other words, if I play by the rules, it’s unlikely I’ll ever be confronted by bank-breaking temptation.

Once the issue is resolved, it isn't long before I start to feel exceedingly inspired by the challenge of uncovering ecological gifts that aren't crunchy or tree-huggy or overtly hippie-dippy… I'm soon linked to For my dad, a charming Bonga Elephant Dish ($30) – trunk up for good luck – carved by Kissi Town craftspeople. - Jane Herman

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