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Travels In Cambodia - 2008

After a wonderful time in Thailand , I was skeptical about going to Cambodia . So many stories and photos to share - later.

Phnom Phen is amazing, beautiful, heartbreaking,  breathtaking, wonderfully warm hearted and dangerous.

We traveled back alleys, walked through garbage, visited women without legs, men without arms, the blind, the abnormally short, and desperately thin...

My heart broke more times than I can count. My eyes filled with tears and shared those moments of triumph of the human spirit over the atrocities of man gone mad.

Death still reeks in Camp 21 as I had to exit several times that place of torture, hopelessness and death caused by the Kymer Rouge where thousands upon thousands upon thousands suffered and died. I couldn’t comprehend such madness and yet the energy of the silence forced me to absorb the humanity in the inhumanity.

We made many good contacts bought a lot of great products from the people most desperate for a chance to have a better life.

And then one of the sweetest moments in my life. Daniel, a wonderful new friend, and me with microphones in hand at a piano bar - our faces inches apart singing “Imagine”. We both felt it. “And the world will live as one”. What a miracle, what a wonderful and powerful time to be awake and alive. Thank you Nancy , Emerald, and Daniel as your steadfast love for people inspire us to dream big and do something now.

Deeply touched and in love with life, Mark

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