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Nyishi Tribe Artisans - Saved from Child Marriages in the Himalayas , -

A group of brave and talented women artisans in the Himalayan mountainous region of India create beautiful jewelry. These women are victims of child marriage, and are now living in the Short Stay Home ran by the cooperative. They are now earning a living by making jewelry and other ornaments. At the same time, they are going through training for weaving, cutting, tailoring, etc. All of their work reflects their perseverance, talent and ethnic art of the region.

The artisans create a lot of the jewelry by drying tree resins, particularly pine. Another line of jewelry is created by sourcing local stones, gems and metals. For the ones made of resins,  the artisans polish the resins to create beads of different shapes and sizes. Different finishes provide either a clean, smooth, shiny texture, or a more wood-looking, rough texture. The tree resins are a renewable source and an excellent alternative to wood. Moreover, the jewelry gives the artisans the livelihood they deserve.

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